Kingdom Marketplace Empowerment

Did you know :

Of Jesus 132 public appearances in the NT, 122 of them were in the workplace!

Of the 52 parables Jesus told, 45 of them had a workplace context!

Jesus called 12 men to join Him who operated in the workplace and not in the church or religious institution of the His day!

If you are in the Lake Placid Florida area, join me every Friday morning at 8AM for coffee or breakfast (order off the menu) as I empower and equip businessmen and women in their marketplace calling, anointing and assignment.  We meet at the Good News Cafe, downtown Lake Placid.

Whether you are self employed or work for someone else, God wants to show up at your place of employment and manifest Himself in you so you are a carrier of the presence of the Holy Spirit – at work, not just on Sunday’s at church!

About bradkeller

Brad has been in the full-time ministry for 37 years and has pastored in North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Oklahoma and Vermont. His passion has always been leadership and that journey has taken him to teach leadership in 23 nations as a leadership life coach. Brad has a BA in Religious Studies from North Central University and a MA from Southwestern Christian University. Brad and his wife and daughter live in South Central Florida where he does life coaching, leadership consulting and public speaking full time.
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