Leadership Lessons on Seasons

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

1. There is a season for everything.

If you try to expect something from a season whose time is not yet, you will end up frustrated, throw in the towel and quit. You are expecting a season to give you something it cannot give. No matter how much faith you have, an apple tree in Vermont will not produce apples in January. Why? It is restricted to times and seasons.

2. Everything that exists has a time for its purpose (see 2 Corinthians 9:10).

Everything that comes into your hands has the purpose of being a 1) seed for future sowing or 2) bread for eating! We make huge mistakes when we don’t discern what is in our hand.

3. Time is experienced in seasons (see Genesis 8:22).

Seed time is the investing time of your life – you don’t see a return yet – you are on the front end of things!  Harvest time is your reaping time. If you never sow you can never reap a harvest!  Summer is where you rest and refresh. Winter is where you rest and reflect. Daytime is where you see the fruit of your labor.  Night time is where you don’t see things growing – a season of adversity. Just because it may be night does not mean your seed is not growing – you just can’t see it!  Learn to guard your heart in the night seasons!

4. Every dream and vision has an appointed time (see Habakkuk 2:2-4).

If God told you that you will own a business and it has not happened yet, it doesn’t mean it is not Gods will – it must may not be the appointed time! Every vision has an appointed time.  What do you do in a season of waiting for an appointed time? You speak for the vision and when the vision comes to pass it speaks for itself!

5. God ordained seasons cannot be stopped, resisted or controlled.

If God has decided it is your season of promotion man cannot stop you!

6. Every new season brings out potential you didn’t know you had.

Sometimes God has to nudge you out of your nest and other times He has to throw you out!  You will not grow unless you get out of your comfort zone.

7. In every good season you can still have bad weather.

Never discern your season by the weather.  Weather can deceive you.  You can have unseasonably warm weather in winter and unseasonably cold weather in summer! Just because you may be experiencing bad weather doesn’t mean you are in a bad season!

Conclusion: Don’t grow weary in due season (see Galatians 6:9). You may be in your right season – God just doesn’t want you to grow weary!

About bradkeller

Brad has been in the full-time ministry for 37 years and has pastored in North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Oklahoma and Vermont. His passion has always been leadership and that journey has taken him to teach leadership in 23 nations as a leadership life coach. Brad has a BA in Religious Studies from North Central University and a MA from Southwestern Christian University. Brad and his wife and daughter live in South Central Florida where he does life coaching, leadership consulting and public speaking full time.
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