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Not sure what kind of coaching package you need? Here are a few of the packages I offer. Check them out and see if they meet your need. I can also customize the coaching package to fit your unique need.

I. The Pastor’s Coaching Package

The Pastor’s Coaching Package offers insightful tips and encouragement to pastors serving the on the front lines in the local church. Having served as a pastor for over 35 years, Brad understands the demands of the pastorate on life and family. The package is tailored to help pastors create their own personal plan for balance in both private and ministerial life, an issue many pastors struggle with weekly.

This package includes six 60 minute sessions, unlimited e-mail contact and the options to use the below listed exercises.

  • The TLC Wheel of Life (an assessment tool for evaluating 10 areas of life and ministry)
  • Deep assessment and reflection on life for unpacking life experiences
  • Values discovery
  • Redefining success and failure
  • The development of a personal growth plan
  • other helpful exercises

Contact me at or 802-281-2317 for pricing.

II. The Life Focus Package

Don’t know where you’re headed? Neither do thousands of Americans. Many are unfulfilled, living unfocused lives out of God’s perfect will. They simply don’t know what they were created to do. If this sounds like you, this is your package. It will help you get back on track with your destiny and purpose to live a more meaningful and focused life. It includes the following items:

  • Understanding God’s purposes for mankind
  • Powerful gleaning exercises to help you learn what God has been up to in your life
  • Unpacking emotional experiences to learn from them
  • How to dream
  • Understanding life values
  • S.M.A.R.T. goals

This package includes 8 one hour sessions, unlimited e-mail contact and the above listed options.  Please contact me at or 802-281-2317 for pricing.

III. The “As Needed” Coaching Package

What’s your need? Is it simply finding more time in your day? Is it a job related issue? Or simply the need for support, encouragement and accountability? Whatever the need, Brad offers coaching help.

“As needed” coaching is done on a week to week basis. Usually, “as needed coaching” will last 4-6 weeks and offers one hour per week sessions and unlimited emails. ┬áPlease contact me or 802-281-2317 for pricing.