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What is Coaching?

What exactly is leadership coaching? In short, it’s a one-on-one relationship where a coach helps you take the actions you want to take to reach a goal. Coaches are personal change experts who help others fulfill their destiny. Professionally trained in a unique set of leadership skills, coaches help others identify important goals and priorities, strategize about how to reach them, and overcome obstacles that crop up along the way.

A professional coach is a personal change expert! Coaches help people like you grow faster, perform at a higher level, understand themselves more deeply, and live with greater purpose and fulfillment. In the same way that a personal athletic trainer helps a pro athlete maximize performance, a personal coach can help you get the most out of life.

If you are searching for a systematic, effective methodology to develop leaders with character and competence, then leadership coaching is the answer.

What happens in a coaching appointment?

Coaching appointments begin with a chance for you to report on your progress, and with a clear set of action steps you choose to take in the week ahead. But what is that essential spark between you and your coach that makes the relationship so transformational? Below are four facets of the power of coaching:

  • Coaching is a Transformational Conversation

The biggest surprise for first time clients is realizing that the coach isn’t there to give advice. Instead powerful, insightful coaching questions stimulate you to examine the things in life that matter most from new angles.

  • Coaching is a Transparent Relationship

A coach is a friend, a confidant, your greatest supporter, and someone who knows you well enough to call out the best in you. A transparent relationship with your coach frees you to go places you’ve never been before.

  • Coaching is a Support System for Change

With support, encouragement and accountability from someone who believes in you, you can do far more than you’d ever accomplish alone. A coach helps you stay on track, overcome obstacles, and convert your want-to into concrete steps that get into your date book and get done.

  • Coaching is continuous Leadership Development

Coaches don’t give solutions; they help you solve your own problems. Coaching is helping you learn instead of telling you what to do. Coaching helps you to conquer much bigger challenges by leveraging every situation to build your capacity as a leader and person.

What Can I Work On With A Coach?

The answer is “Just about anything!” Increased performance, discovering your destiny, getting organized, regular exercise, slowing down, turning a dream into a reality…you only need to answer the question “What do I want to accomplish?”

Coaching works in just about any area because it is about helping you learn. A coach is not an expert advising you in a particular field. That’s consulting! Or is it someone more senior showing you the ropes. That’s mentoring! Coaches are change experts who help you find a solution for your unique situation.

So if you want more from life – more growth, greater purpose, and maximum performance – look into what a personal coach has to offer. Feel free to contact me, I’m here to help.

Do I need a Life Coach?

Take a moment and think about an important life goal you want to reach, a significant change you’re attempting to make, or an area where you’ve always wanted to improve the quality of your life. If you found a way to greatly increase your chances of success, would you do it?

More and more people have discovered the difference a coach can make in maximizing their opportunities in life. Hi, I’m Brad Keller and as a life coach, my role is to help people succeed in life. Coaching is not about dispensing advice or fixing you. Instead, a coach helps you find your motivation, clarify your objectives, and stay on track to meet them. A good coach will help a client achieve what they normally wouldn’t be able to do on their own. Something they always wanted to do, just couldn’t seem to make it happen. If you’ve never experienced how empowering the support and encouragement of a coach can be, you owe it to yourself to find out!

Let me share a few distinctive qualities that set coaches apart from other styles of leadership:

An Encouraging Word

  • Edification is a significant key to unlocking and sustaining change

A Listening Ear

  • Be heard as never before. (this coach has two ears and only one mouth)

A Resource Expert

  • Twenty-five years of experience and networking are included in every coaching relationship

An Empowering Perspective

  • A fresh paradigm can propel one forward

If you want to get the most out of life, take the coaching challenge: Call me today, and let’s explore together what having a personal coach can do for you!