Kingdom Marketplace Empowerment – You are anointed for an assignment – Where you are matters just as much as who you are

Kingdom Marketplace Empowerment


You are anointed for an assignment!

Concerning your assignment, where you are matters as much as who you are!

Learn the difference between God’s omnipresence and his manifested presence.

Christmas is the season of Immanuel, God is with us.

His presence is with us no matter where we go – it is everywhere.

But His manifested presence is not. .

Where you are matters as much as what you are.

You may be a whale but you better be in water.

  1. Abraham left his fathers house – Genesis 12


  1. Ruth left Moab and followed Naomi back to Bethlehem – Ruth 1


  1. God instructed Elijah to go to the brook where a raven would feed him – 1 Kings 17:3-4
  • There he received his daily provision.
  • One day the brook dried up. Why? His assignment had changed.
  • Lack is a clue that God may be changing your assignment.
  • Elijah’s new assignment was to visit Zarephath, where a starving widow would receive her financial miracle throughout the remaining part of the famine 1 Kings 17:9-10
  • When God sends you to a new place, provision is the reward of obedience.
  1. Jereboam was made king but Solemon sought to kill him and as a result Jereboam fled to Egypt. When Solemon died the men called for Jereboam to come back and they made him King.  Because God’s manifested presence was not in Egypt he picked up the culture of Egypt and brought it back to Israel and let the nation into idolatry. – 1 Kings 11 & 12
  • The promise will always be ready for you but will you be ready for the promise!
  1. Mary and her promise – So it was, that while they were there, the days were completed for her to be delivered. – Luke 2:6
  • Your promise cannot be fulfilled just any place!


How is the manifested presence of God different from the omnipresence of God?

Describe your “where you are” as it relates to God’s manifested presence?

What has this lesson revealed to you concerning your assignment?

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Brad has been in the full-time ministry for 37 years and has pastored in North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Oklahoma and Vermont. His passion has always been leadership and that journey has taken him to teach leadership in 23 nations as a leadership life coach. Brad has a BA in Religious Studies from North Central University and a MA from Southwestern Christian University. Brad and his wife and daughter live in South Central Florida where he does life coaching, leadership consulting and public speaking full time.
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