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Coaching is a helpful way to develop yourself as a person, work through pivotal changes, or live a more focused life. Read the stories of people who decided to make a change in their lives.

“Brad coached me over a period of 5 weeks, and during this time he not only challenged me but he helped bring closure to some items in my life. He is an outstanding coach, one that is not afraid to ask the questions most people will skirt around.”

Dwayne Forrester – OKC, OK

“Going through life coaching with Brad Keller was a life changing experience.  I have always been a very driven person, but I felt like i was moving fast and getting nowhere. Life Coaching helped me to focus on being the leader that I was meant to be. Brad encouraged and challenged me. He found the areas that I needed to focus on and he helped me discover areas that I could let go of. It was the best use of my time and money! I have never regretted my time with him and I look forward to each time we get together.”

Brett Nation
CEO-Nation Leadership Development
Pastor-Perry Assembly of God

“Several years ago I hired Brad Keller to provide life coaching for an office retreat for my department at a university. I felt we needed someone with expertise in helping us write a mission statement as well as work on the image of our department within the university. Brad worked with us for an afternoon during our retreat, and the results were excellent.

First, Brad was able to help us see what our own core values were as a group – what we felt that our office was really about. From there he helped us develop a plan to market ourselves within our organization in order to help improve our internal image. I can say looking back now that this exercise made a huge difference in our own excitement about the work we did and the services we could provide to others.

Second, we also worked on conflict resolution within our own department, as during that year we had gone through some major transitions in the organization and within our unit. We came away from that exercise with new appreciations for the talents and skills each of us brought to the group, which partly comes through our differences. We were also able to implement some healthier ways of working through conflict.

That led to the final piece of Brad’s life coaching workshop with us, which was a focus on strengthening the team and being more effective in the outcomes we set as goals for our department.

 I highly recommend Brad as a life coach for either you personally or your organization.  Brad has a talent for bringing to the surface what you implicitly know but have not articulated. His efforts made a real difference in our team and department!”          Julie Sinclair – Oklahoma City University

“Brad has a remarkable way of connecting with students by drawing them into the lecture through his illustrations!” – Dr. Yu Wenxuan Associate Professor, University of Political Science, Beijing China

“Professor Keller has a unique way of communicating principles of leadership that challenge the students to dream big!” – Lupita Pool Rodriguez Business owner and network leader, DECADA TELECOMUNICACIONES, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

“Mr. Keller is very insightful into the problems surrounding leadership and offers practical solutions!” – Judge Elias Kakooza Magistrate
Courts of Judicature, Kampala, Uganda